Bless the Lord Saints, Friends, Family and fellow laborers for Christ,


We have been praying and believing God, that Hurricane Storm Irma with all its devastation and destructive power, would remain over the warm waters of the Gulf Steam and continue to turn eastward away from our area as it possibly heads north.  Our God is more than able to steer this storm out to sea and preventing it from making landfall.

We may yet experience a lot a rain and high winds and wind gust, starting on Sunday, Monday and lasting most of the day on Tuesday.  It is my desired that you do not be out in those elements, so our Sunday service will be cancelled and our Open Bible Study on Tuesday evening.  God has charged me to look after your souls and spiritual wellbeing and I believe that would include your physical satey and wellbeing also.

Let us continue to pray together for all the saints, first responders, volunteers and government disaster relief personnel that are here and in our Midwestern states along the Gulf Coast.

Blessings and peace in Jesus’s name be unto you and your families,

Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Pettus


It is good to reflect on what the Lord has done over the years...some photos below

Our Military members are men and women of God giving their lives in service to our country.  I served 22 ½ years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Force and I understand what it takes to serve.  Prayer is powerful and that's something we all can do.  Help me lift up our Military and their families continually in prayer.  That we may ask for God’s grace and mercy upon them all.


Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Pettus

Retired Senior Chief U.S. Navy

New Life Body of Christ Christian Church is dedicated to praying for our servicemen and women and their families. We feel that it is important for the the body of Christ as a whole to continually support our military in everyway that we possibly can.


I am very proud of the City of Kingsland, Georgia, for the way we honor our military and their families. I will do all that I can do in helping and assisting our military and their families. Without them we could not enjoy the liberties of living safely and the freedom to pursuit life as known it and dream it to be. May God bless our Military…and our Nation.






Touching lives in the   

 Republic of the Philippines. 


We are concerned about our brothers and sisters of the Philippines.   Our Sister Church in the Philippines under Pastor Jason Achuela and First Lady Achuela in Samar.  They have rebuilt the church and are blessing the community greatly.  We need your help to bring some needed supplies, support and care to the people of God labouring in the Kingdom of God in Jesus name.