Let Jesus Lead You


Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


Many times, we are at a crossroads in our life. It happens to us all at one time or another. It can also be described as a fork in the road.  It can be two choices or many, but we can only go in one direction at a time. How do we know which direction is the right one?

We are face with the many scenarios due to the path we have chosen to walk or due to the circumstances that seem to push us in a certain direction and many times its not a choice, but it is the cards or hand we have been dealt, or position we have been put in. 

To have a solution or be able to solve them, or make the right decision, we may turn to others for advice and guidance. We worry and ask for help. We sometimes even shut down.

Now, understand that there is nothing wrong with seeking advice and counsel from others, however, after you seek the Lord in prayer.  We need to be prayerful about everything. 

God will bring to you or have you go right where you need to be, and there you may find the help or assistance that will meet the need. Only if you first seek the Lord.  Seeking God first will bring you to the proper counselor or bring the right, even better, the advice that will not only be right but be righteous.

You also need to be willing and able to accept what you may not want or believe is not the way forward for you.  Your answer may not satisfy your agenda or your canal mind. Sometimes it’s correction that will set you on the right and righteous path.

God will bring correction to everyone that he loves. Sometimes we can be our biggest problem, by rejecting correction.

Its time to learn how to not only take good news and bad news the same and treat correction the same. You see if we can humble ourselves before the Lord our God then we will see ourselves clear and have peace in what we allow ourselves to do.

That’s how, you must avoid situations that brings cross roads and forks of uncertainty in your life. This is what will happen if we do not allow the Lord to lead us in all that we do and want to accomplish.

We know and understand that we belong to God, those of us that are saved and washed in his blood. But there are many that have not affirmed their relationship with God and therefore, it seems that they get what just comes along.

I stop by this Sunday morning to tell you, that life is not a crap game or a turkey shoot, that things comes your way by design. God has a plan for your life and He wants you to walk in it and not against it.

God already knows what all will come your way, and many things that come are not necessarily from God, for the enemy is out to destroy you. But God always have a plan and his plan is the best plan.

Don’t go another day walking according to how you feel, what you see with your eyes or even hear in your natural ears.  Get in-tune with the spirit of God by acknowledging him in all that you do, see and hear. 

No flesh but faith, no guessing but walk in grace and no by chance but Jesus’s master plan!

Galatians 5:16

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.


Pastor Pettus