New Creation Ministry (Women's Jail Ministry)


Elder Margaret Pettus has been leading the way in ministry at the Women's Jail for almost 8 years.  Countless souls has been saved and the spiritual cells of bondage has been opened as she ministers the Word of God under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


The Lord has her team up with many in the ministry including Evangelist Tammy Daniels for the past few years. Evangelist is known for a powerful anointing in praise and worship that blesses all in each service.


The Jail Ministry has been opportunity for First Lady Pettus and Pastor to come and minister the Word of God and praise when called upon.  The move of God is powerful in these services.


Numerous testimonies have come from the many souls that were saved and set free in Christ Jesus.  Testimonies of lives are changed and whole families being saved healed and delivered have been a great blessing to all to hear of what the Lord is doing in this ministry. God is truly good and the anointing flows in each service as Elder Pettus and Evangelist Daniels and others bring the Word of God and Worship to our sisters that are hungry for our Lord Jesus Christ.


As we received pray request from the participants we continue to pray for them and place them in our Prayer Request Box.