Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Matthew and Evangelist Mattie Pettus


Pastor Matthew Pettus Jr.

     Our Pastor, Elder Matthew Pettus Jr., is a native of Washington D.C. and spent many years of his youth in New York City, New York.  Soon after his graduation from high school, he entered the U. S. Navy Submarine Force and after 22 years of honorable service, retired here in Kingsland, Georgia.  He currently serves his community as Pastor of the New Life Body of Christ Christian Church, Georgia.  He is known to be involved with the many Committees, Community Broads and events that serve and enrich the lives of others in the community.  Pastor Pettus is compassionate and his life radiates the love of Christ to all that come in contact with him, as God changes lives through his ministry.


Evangelist Mattie L. Pettus

   Evangelist Mattie Lee Pettus, our First Lady and Assistant Pastor, is a native of Goose Creek, South Carolina.  She has spent many years not only in South Carolina, but also in Hampton, Virginia.  She completed several years of college leading to a career in the nursing field.  She now serves the community as the First Lady of New Life Body of Christ Christian Church, here in Kingsland, Georgia.   She has been involve directly in helping and assisting others dealing with various family domestic concerns, she has been known to help others improve their lives and find community solutions to improve the quality of health and wellbeing of those that the Lord sends in her path.  She has a loving spirit and a big heart, burning with the love of God.



The First Family

  Pastor Pettus and First Lady Pettus met in Norfolk, Virginia and were united in holy matrimony on October 10, 1997. 

   Pastor and First Lady Pettus heard the call of God over their lives while serving the Lord in Hawaii under the leadership of Bishop and First Lady Henderson of New Life Body of Christ Christian Church of Wahiawa, Hawaii, which is the Headquarters church.  The call was to begin a work for the Lord that manifested the loving, compassion, peace and power that accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior brings into one’s life. 

    18 years ago, Elder Pettus answered the call of God, and the ministry was birthed in the living room of the Pettus home.  God is truly good as you look and see what the Lord has done over these years.  They are increasingly blessed to have Melba Pettus (Pastor’s Mother) and Elder Margaret Y. Pettus (Pastor’s Sister) serving with them here in this vineyard appointed by God.     

     Pastor and First Lady Pettus have been blessed to have six wonderful children, Anita Fashaw-Pettus, N.C.; Sacacacia Joshua, GA; Tege Pettus, S.C.; Marantz Pettus S.C.; Rickita Jackson,N.C. and Tashima McMurray, FL, six additions Mattalynn, Ronald, Nehemiah, Donnie, Arthur and Magnus all in GA, along with 15 beautiful grandchildren. Pastor and First Lady have many spiritual and adopted Children that includes Michael McNish, GA, Carte Blackmore, VA, Tinesha Blackmore (two grandchildren), VA and Kevin Tunner, FL, Holden Allen, GA and Trearrace Williams, GA.